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If you’re looking for something to do, we got it for you.

FAB Crew: From City Walls To Gallery Walls
Christel DeHaan Gallery at University of Indianapolis
1400 E. Hanna Indpls, 46227


We’re showing 19 spray paint on canvas pieces, select photos of previous walls and an installation we painted last weekend for the gallery.

Please come by and say hello, you might meet other SubSurface artists. We think this is a unique collection of work and we’re proud to work with Mark Ruschman on what is certain to be our best show yet.



Progress of Friday’s paint session at University of Indianapolis to promote FAB Crew: From City Walls to Gallery Walls. Come out this Friday to see the finished piece hanging in the gallery with a collection of other brand-new canvas pieces.

Christel DeHaan Fine Art Gallery

1400 East Hanna Avenue

Indianapolis, 46227



Subsurface 2012 T-shirts! Buy one and help us pay SubSurface artists and performers:

All the event info is here:

Loomit, one of our graffiti heroes, painting with the gunmen of Rio. Bet they won’t have this at the 2016 olympics…

Last week we got busy on a mural project in Indy’s Haughville neighborhood. We hooked up with Near West to create a welcome message to greet people as they enter the neighborhood from Downtown. With strong family and community ties to the west side, we take special pride in this piece. It’s just around the corner from the mural we did with the Humane Society.

Enlisting the help of our good friend and crewmate, Gems, we spent a couple of days working sunup to sundown to get all but the last details knocked out. After another couple of evenings to clean it up and get photos, we agreed that we had finished what we believe to be among our best murals to date. It has the right message, in the right place, with the right flavor. We learned a lot and had a chance to help some people out in the process. There isn’t much more we could want…

Sacred317 was invited to participate in a group exhibition in Cincinnati earlier this spring/summer titled
Autocomplete: A Collaborative Coloring Book. The show was curated by his friend (and former professor) Maya Drozdz from VisuaLingual. The show was organized in conjunction with Visionaries & Voices, a non-profit organization in Cincinnati
that supports artists with disabilities by providing studio space, workshops, exhibition opportunities, and other means of creative and
entrepreneurial support.

Maya paired each V&V artist with an artist or designer from outside the program. The objective was to complete a black and white drawing
provided by the V&V artist as if it were a coloring book page. The only stipulation was to retain the basic integrity of the original piece so
that we can see both artist’s hands in the finished work. Maya paired Sacred317 with V&V artist Barry Davis. Barry is no stranger to bold, colorful work and neither is Sacred317. Barry’s deliberate line work became an excellent foundation for Sacred to display his coloring skills. A big thanks to Maya Drozdz for making the connection.