We became acquainted with Polina Osherov and Pattern Magazine when they released their Graphic Design issue last year. Many of our friends and colleagues were featured including our own Benjamin Long. From there, the conversation about a mural for Pattern evolved slowly at first. Eventually, they had landed a storefront on Mass Avenue and wanted to so something special to enhance the block. This was when the mural idea became a reality.

Mass Avenue’s East End is the last block on the street. Residents, businesses and property owners all expressed hope that the mural would help to define that part of the street as the destination it could be but has never been. It was our feeling that the East End is a great spot with wonderful places to check out. We had a great time working there. Everyone living nearby was appreciative. Nothing but positive experiences.

As for the concept… It’s simple. Polina said they wanted to celebrate Indy’s creative class. We wanted to tip our hats to the city and its new creatives; represented by the DJ, a fashionista, a cityscape and paint textures. Although we know the well is deep in terms of creative types to rise out of our city, we felt that many of those greats already had fitting memorials. Also, we tend to give much respect to our artists once they’ve passed away; but we wanted to shine a light on someone who is very much alive. One member of our creative class who is also world-class is DJ Topspeed. He’s known the world over, member of the Zulu Nation and a true master of the turntables from an era when that was the only way to be. Hip Hop culture never gets the credit it deserves for shaping everything we think about the arts, nor do those involved usually get the proper credit. This was our small attempt to solve that. Much love and respect to Topspeed for being top-notch and being instrumental in the building of the arts in our city.


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