Well it’s been too long…

Our great friends at B.R.I.D.G.E. Collective once again brought us into the fold for a cool chance to give a little to the community. We were asked to collaborate with Mike Graves to create original art during Spotlight 2014: Out Loud. The event is a fundraiser, performance showcase and VIP reception all aimed at raising money for AIDS research. As children of the 90’s, AIDS was a very real part of our upbringing and seemed to affect people all around us. When we were asked to donate work painted on-site during the reception which would then be auctioned off for the cause, it was an easy decision. The organization was very warm and appreciative. Once again, Mike prepared some cool textures for us to work into.

All in all, this was a real honor for us. We have reached a point where we always seem to have some commercial project underway; and this event gave us an opportunity to serve others with our work for a change.


Our only complaint was the presence of cameras and microphones, wielded by people who directed us throughout the process of painting. Please, please, please alert talent up front if they will be on camera. It’s just the courteous thing to do. And yes, there is always a chance we will refuse if we don’t approve of the media outlet you work for. Luckily for us, the video was being done for Sky Blue Window, whom we think is thee art blog in Indianapolis.