For those who don’t know, Oranje is an annual event in Indy that combines visual art, music and interaction with the party atmosphere of a club.  After 11 years, FAB has painted something: a school bus, a delivery minivan, canvases or just a constructed wall, Oranje has always provided new and interesting opportunities for us. This year they really outdid themselves.

We got connected with their sponsor, PBR, and talked about the possibility of painting a box truck. That seemed like a high enough goal and it would have been a blast. We were shocked when we got to the spot and saw that PBR had left us a brand new, 36 foot, 18 bay trailer.

Needless to say we had to revisit our concepts to accommodate the size. What a great time we had working on it throughout the week and especially on the night of the party. The crowd is always great and the Oranje team is top-notch. Thanks again, friends. Here’s to 2013…