Sacred317 was invited to participate in a group exhibition in Cincinnati earlier this spring/summer titled
Autocomplete: A Collaborative Coloring Book. The show was curated by his friend (and former professor) Maya Drozdz from VisuaLingual. The show was organized in conjunction with Visionaries & Voices, a non-profit organization in Cincinnati
that supports artists with disabilities by providing studio space, workshops, exhibition opportunities, and other means of creative and
entrepreneurial support.

Maya paired each V&V artist with an artist or designer from outside the program. The objective was to complete a black and white drawing
provided by the V&V artist as if it were a coloring book page. The only stipulation was to retain the basic integrity of the original piece so
that we can see both artist’s hands in the finished work. Maya paired Sacred317 with V&V artist Barry Davis. Barry is no stranger to bold, colorful work and neither is Sacred317. Barry’s deliberate line work became an excellent foundation for Sacred to display his coloring skills. A big thanks to Maya Drozdz for making the connection.