After getting some feedback on our Knibs wall on flickr, it seemed fitting to document the process and share some of why we wanted to paint it.

We first met Knibs at a SubSurface jam not long after he arrived the states. He was unknown to us at the time, but he’s no stranger to many writers around the world. His style is made up of very funky letters, playful choice of color and stone-cold, ridiculous painting and drawing skills. He was even in FX Cru at one time; this was all we needed to know because FX was one of our greatest influences and there is no question he would have fit right in.

We’ve had the chance to do some pieces with him and chill a little bit. Each of us were surprised on separate occasions when he handed over sketches for us to rock. We figured we might as well paint them together and make a wall out of it. We agreed that these were the hardest pieces we have ever tried to paint.



We wanted to add a character to make it a full on tribute to our football-loving friend. To make it quick and collaborative, Sacred did the body and Cents painted the head, football and hand:

And finally, below are some of the few pieces Knibs has shared with the viewing public. The work is just plain solid. We hope to do more with him in the future.

Knibs, IND.
Knibs, Midwest, US.
Knibs, Knaptown tracksides, US