Once again our work has allowed us to attend a party to which we would never be invited.

We had the great fortune to contribute our work and style to one of the most exclusive Super Bowl XLVI parties in Indy. The NFL Players Association honors its members each year with an invitation-only formal night out. This year, with some luck and a wonderful recommendation from the Arts Council of Indianapolis, we hooked up with Orange, CA based ZOe Productions to fill the room with as much of our flavor as we could while they took care of the rest.

Many thanks to Jessica and Ryan from ZOe, their whole crew and especially Aren and Paul; the property managers at BDA Warehouse that let us all do our thing our way. What a great experience.

Photo courtesy of ZOe Productions:

Red Carpet Interviews:

The team at ZOe was great to work with. FAB’s done events in the past but the scale of this thing was grand. As they wrangled and constructed everything from temporary walls to sponsored furniture , we jumped right into the operation and worked in their team for most of the week leading up to the party. It was inspiring and refreshing to see a much larger team that worked together as well or better than we do. It was a lot of work and very challenging, but it was also fun and very educational.

We prepared these pieces before the event, then delivered them to the space a few days early so the team could use them to build some of the temporary walls.

This was also prepared in advance for us to complete during the party, adding a live component.

Once we got to the space, first order of duty was to finish off graffiti signage for coat check, exits and restrooms. After that, we got to work on the shipping containers. You can imagine it was a treat to get loose on some intermodals and do it properly.

Once the containers were finished, we moved on to our final task: cover as much wall space as we could before party time. We are not known for our simple styles or bubble letters, but we got loose on a lot of them. We don’t have all the photos due to poor lighting and the fact that we painted all the way to the very last possible minute. But here are some of the highlights…

And last but not least, we knocked out some moderatelydetailed pieces which the property managers have decided to leave up.

In spite of all our work, the real attraction of the night was J. Cole (who told us several times that he is grammy-nominated), followed closely by Jermaine Dupree on the tables. During all the music, models and bottles, we managed to finish up the live piece. Many thanks to our new friend, we couldn’t have done it without her.

This is a nice panoramic of the space during set up. It was huge:  http://360.io/wT8fCh