IDADA, The Indiana Downtown Artists and Dealers Association has staged a show at the former City Hall and Indiana State Museum in time for the Super Bowl. The TURF Exhibit features artists from Indiana, Mainly the capital, in a widely varying range of disciplines. IDADA’s goal is to show off some of the more experimental work being made in Indianapolis. We are very proud to have had our work included in the show. The graffiti mural we painted with Malcom Mobutu Smith and Brisk has been showcased in one room of the beautiful old building.

The roster includes past professors, fellow 46 for XLVI artists and a few people we have worked for or with. Although we have always taken pride in our achievements, this seems to elevate us to a new tier. In the last year we have found that many see us not only as graffiti artists, but as skilled and creative painters. To be featured alongside some of Indy’s best and brightest is an honor.

Go check it out and stay tuned because you know this isn’t the only project we have going for the big game…