Finally dropping photos of our first mural for 2012…

Throughout the holiday we were working first on the concept, then the execution of our latest mural in Indy. This was a rare opportunity to do some work for a global company and a leader in their industry. The process was pretty thorough and we think the result is something new for us: a character-based painting with abstractions and movement throughout the piece.

The project came to us via InSite Art Consulting. InSite is Indianapolis-based and has been working on the new Indianapolis headquarters of Kronos in PNC Center downtown. They contacted us with this unique challenge and made us feel comfortable from the very beginning.

After this job, we have to say that painting on the ninth floor of an office building was as cool and as difficult as you might imagine. The building manager gave us 24 hour access and forbid us to work when other people were on that floor. She had once  apparently had to pay for someone in the building to take vacation after ‘smelling fumes’ so we wrapped up the wall extra tight and worked inside our plastic bubble for about 4 nights. We learned a lot to say the least.

Thanks to Soni from InSite for keeping the creative door open.