The local Fox affiliate did a nice piece on the Indy Humane Spay and Neuter center in Haughville. They shot some portions of the piece in front of our latest 46 for XLVI mural. We designed it to call attention to the fact that this is a stray animal outreach, but to leave a positive impression. We’ll have our photos up next week but for the time being, consider this a teaser for our final piece.

Video here: FAB Crew / Indy Humane / Fox59 Video

More importantly, this allowed us to stay involved with the Arts Council and do a service to a community in need. On a different news site someone posted the following rude comment: “Now if they only spayed and neutered the humans in Haughville……” This is sad. Yes, Haughville and many other neighborhoods in every city are plagued with problems like unemployment, drug addiction and crime. However we have to be compassionate. Not everyone grows up with a loving family, good education and a strong sense of purpose. You can’t know what it’s like for someone who comes from a place that others regard as the low point of civilization.

Ignorance like the above comment helps us to remain grateful for our opportunity to use our art as a tool for good.