It’s always a good time meeting up with Exhaust and Like, friends or ours for several years. This time was a special treat because they gave us free rein on pieces and provided a really nice background to bring the whole wall up a level. We both tried some new things and ended up with some very different pieces as a result.

In Gary we were very pleased to find our CISA brothers Ish, Traz, Eighter, Argue and of course, Gary’s own Omen74 who holds it down on walls in the GI. To see all of these guys in one place was like a family reunion, albeit brief.

We split up on this one, which ended up in a Like/Cents ‘contemporary’ wall and some some super clean Exhaust and Sacred pieces. Also in attendance were GnomeCMK and Asend, as well as some other Chicago guys. It was an unexpectedly busy spot with several walls getting done. Once again, we were rushed at the end trying to beat sundown and get out of the rain. In spite of all obstacles, it was a great day for old friends and some nice pieces for our first trip to Gary. It will not be our last.