The 2011 Indianapolis Moto GP race was this past Sunday at the Speedway. Once again we were asked to paint a piece during Red Bull’s pre-race party, Motorcycles On Meridian. As the name suggests, they close the Circle and Meridian St. for two blocks north and two blocks south. With no cars in sight, bikes line the street and Red Bull riders do their thing for a huge crowd.

Like 2009 and 2010, we were joined by Indy’s DJ MetroGnome for some of the finest turntablism and beat matching skills you will find in our city. There is nothing like working along to the sounds of tasteful music.

We decided this year to collaborate on a full color crew burner and flex our various painting methods for the crowd. We capped it off with a small hit-up. Many friendly faces came out both Friday and Saturday nights and the Red Bull was flowing. Big thanks to Geoff Gray for the call and for giving us freedom to do what we felt.