It’s been a few months since we learned we would be taking part in the 2011 Indianapolis Murals Program. Having sorted through dozens of potential locations and probably many more artists, the Arts Council has begun to announce pairings. We were informed this week of our specific wall location and provided a Google street view of the area. We will have more photos soon as the deadline for completion is in September and that month is pretty much spoken for already.

For our purposes, this is a really nice wall. We have some things to resolve, like the status of the fence and whether or not it can be compromised, but overall we feel fortunate. Some probably look at this and think “That’s kind of small…” or “Seems like an odd shape,” but we’re less concerned. Having handed in a portfolio containing paintings on everything from wood fences to steel pipes, we weren’t surprised to be paired with a spot that has its share of obstructions; nor are we the least bit deterred.

We are grateful to the Arts Council and proud to have a small role in a very big undertaking for our city. Ultimately, the goal is to leave the neighborhood with something for which they are grateful as well. While we have done much work around this area, we have never been engaged quite like this.

The shots we were provided: