Well, we are humbled and newly energized after our time in Denver. The city is just a cool place. Being from the flat, conservative and culturally starved state of Indiana; we were repeatedly struck by the way of life out there. Everyone, especially the ladies, seemed to be beautiful. Not just better-looking, but happier, nicer and MUCH better-looking. The men too; who knew a guy could be a hippie and a hipster at the same time? Denver folks are laid back. Between theĀ dispensaries, the outdoor lifestyle, the view and the altitude, it’s no surprise the people there are happy, healthy and lovely.

Although great stories abound, here is not the time or place. For now, we’ll let the photos tell the rest of the tale. For the sake of filling in blanks, rest assured that we ate, drank and were very, very merry. Aside from being in Denver for just 48 hours, this was the ideal vacation for the FAB.