With a ton of work still in concept phase, we’ve been working pretty hard on some stuff we haven’t been able to show. The summer has so far been dominated by sketching and quoting but very little painting. For these reasons, it was a real breath of fresh air when a potential client from last summer reached out, ready to move forward.

Debbie emailed us through fabcrew.com last summer about having a mural painted in her son’s room, he was 11 at the time. We hit it off immediately. I made the initial home visit then whipped up a sketch based on our discussions. This was sketch 1

With some feedback from Evan, Debbie and I agreed on some changes to this initial concept. The biggest concern was that the focus was on the  emcee, and not on graffiti. Ultimately, we decided to give the emcee prominence, but to also scale back the crowd in the foreground to make room for larger breakers and a larger deejay.  And, of course, scale up the graffiti. This was sketch 2, the approved concept.

Due to unforeseeable circumstances, Debbie told me she would need to hold off on the mural until further notice. I had accepted that I would not be painting this sketch, which was a shame because I was looking forward to painting this solo. You just never know with these things so I planned for the worst. Much to my delight, however, Debbie reached out again a little over a month ago to tell me that it’s time to finish what we started.

I showed up early Saturday morning and started prep work right away. I finally got started painting after lunch, starting with the background.

In response to some concern that there was too much pink, I toned down the sky with some clouds.

Sunday was a later start, having done the bulk of the work on Saturday. I mainly just concentrated on the characters and making sure the overall color palette was used throughout the scene; adding under-lighting in various colors to each character.

It’s far from perfect, but I’m very glad to have a nice solo piece for the year. I learned a lot that will help with future projects. Also, Debbie and her family were fantastic. When you enter someone’s home and take responsibility for their space, there is sometimes a concern that one will step on the other’s toes. Not here, this was a very open and collaborative process and the family was very, very respectful of me and my work.  I intend to make one last visit to get some good shots with the wide-angle lens.

To top it off, they could not have been happier with the final outcome. With everything that went right, I wish every job was this smooth, fun and satisfying.