We recently returned to the Circle City industrial complex to shoot photos of our piece at Indy Flame Art. Take time to check out their work; we were truly amazed at what can be done with glass. The other thing that was great about working with Indy Flame Art is the mutual respect we share as artists. Although the glass studio was quiet that day, we arranged entry to the building courtesy our friend Mike Lyons, whose studio is in the same building. After trying multiple lights from every angle, we had a fairly good shot if we could only control the glare from one side. Mike, being resourceful and creative as usual, drove his forklift over and used it to reach high enough to cover the offending flood light with a large foam panel. Although it wasn’t perfect, we now had a shot we could live live with.

After that was taken care of, Mike invited us in to check out some new toys. He is the mind and muscle behind Win Win Studios, a single source capable of designing and constructing any idea, no matter how large. Being fans of his personal and public work, we gladly accepted his offer to use his interior studio wall as our own personal canvas early last year (photos here).

He showed us around some of the things he is working on as well is his ever-growing collection of tools, large and small. This particular day he was showing off his large format routing machine. During his demonstration, I snapped shots of just a few of the many cool, strange, unpredictable and seemingly random creations that abound in his studio. Every visit to Win Win Studios is just plain inspiring. Yes he can build a table, sculpt a human figure and draw better than you; but those are just a day at the office for Mike. What grabs these artists upon every visit is the array of art objects that Mike seems to produce by the day. Here are a few shots of this studio-turned-laboratory and the fascinating experiments that are clearly ongoing. We can’t wait to see what will come out of Win Win Studios next.