On the afternoon of April 1st, as we scrambled to get a package postmarked by 5 pm on a  Friday, we got a call from our client Hot Box Pizza. They wanted to confirm that we would be in Raleigh, North Carolina the following evening to paint the latest of several stores. I assured them that we would be loading up the rental and driving that way by 6 o’clock the next morning.

Upon getting the envelope stamped at 4:54, we could rest assured that our Statement of Interest, Resume and work samples would make their way to the Arts Council of Indianapolis in time. We had received word of an RFQ from our man Ish. The city of Indianapolis is planning to host the 2012 Super Bowl and wants murals to be a significant part of the presentation. In spite of several last-minute hurdles, we were finally making a formal introduction to the Public Art establishment in our city. Now we could switch gears and prepare to attend the ‘Inner-City Inspiration’ exhibit at IMOCA.

Having contributed to the show’s installation, we were excited to know that, for the first time, we were going to walk into a contemporary art museum and our graffiti pieces would be on the wall. Although it was Malcom‘s show, he gave us a prominent role in the gallery experience. Tons of graff heads were there right next to the highest members of the local art scene. It was a great experience.  Walking throughout the rest of the Murphy Building, we found several friendly faces and stumbled onto a massive, wall-to-wall-to-ceiling installation by our friend Mike Lyons of Win Win Studios. Having enjoyed ourselves greatly, we had to call it a night early so we could get up and hit the road for our gig in Raleigh.

After all that, we really hoped to get in on the 2011 Murals Program. We were informed over the weekend that we have, indeed, been selected from a pool of local and national artists.

Work will start this summer and best believe we’ll be sharing stories along the way…