We have more or less decided that Clogged Caps 7 was the coolest jam we’ve been to since the glory days of Scribble Jam. We were happy to be invited back again just because of the friends we were expecting to see and the warm weather. What we didn’t expect was the caliber of writers that were painting (we never actually read the flyer).

When we reached our wall we learned that we were just around the corner from  KOG. We got a chance to chat with Versuz, whom we met a few years ago at SubSurface 2007 and found to be a real cool guy. That same year RTD took their reunion to SubSurface, where we met and chilled with several of them. This year they celebrated their 20th anniversary at Clogged Caps. Nice to get re-acquainted with some friends from Chicago, Ohio, Denver, California and Texas.

We stayed at a real raggedy Travelodge with roaches, nasty mattresses and a boarded-up window. It was kind of nice to know we couldn’t possibly mess the place up worse than it already was. We checked out the river walk and the Alamo. We had our first Jugalo sighting and I’m pretty sure I got a photo of a stuffed Liger. The nights were filled with events featuring crazy acts but we didn’t see much more than the B-boy battle.

We painted all day, and got our swerve on early so we pretty much got plenty of sleep. Next year we hope to stay twice as long so we can paint AND get stupid til dawn.

We are told there is a sizeable Jugalo population in San Antonio.