We became acquainted with Polina Osherov and Pattern Magazine when they released their Graphic Design issue last year. Many of our friends and colleagues were featured including our own Benjamin Long. From there, the conversation about a mural for Pattern evolved slowly at first. Eventually, they had landed a storefront on Mass Avenue and wanted to so something special to enhance the block. This was when the mural idea became a reality.

Mass Avenue’s East End is the last block on the street. Residents, businesses and property owners all expressed hope that the mural would help to define that part of the street as the destination it could be but has never been. It was our feeling that the East End is a great spot with wonderful places to check out. We had a great time working there. Everyone living nearby was appreciative. Nothing but positive experiences.

As for the concept… It’s simple. Polina said they wanted to celebrate Indy’s creative class. We wanted to tip our hats to the city and its new creatives; represented by the DJ, a fashionista, a cityscape and paint textures. Although we know the well is deep in terms of creative types to rise out of our city, we felt that many of those greats already had fitting memorials. Also, we tend to give much respect to our artists once they’ve passed away; but we wanted to shine a light on someone who is very much alive. One member of our creative class who is also world-class is DJ Topspeed. He’s known the world over, member of the Zulu Nation and a true master of the turntables from an era when that was the only way to be. Hip Hop culture never gets the credit it deserves for shaping everything we think about the arts, nor do those involved usually get the proper credit. This was our small attempt to solve that. Much love and respect to Topspeed for being top-notch and being instrumental in the building of the arts in our city.


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Well it’s been too long…

Our great friends at B.R.I.D.G.E. Collective once again brought us into the fold for a cool chance to give a little to the community. We were asked to collaborate with Mike Graves to create original art during Spotlight 2014: Out Loud. The event is a fundraiser, performance showcase and VIP reception all aimed at raising money for AIDS research. As children of the 90’s, AIDS was a very real part of our upbringing and seemed to affect people all around us. When we were asked to donate work painted on-site during the reception which would then be auctioned off for the cause, it was an easy decision. The organization was very warm and appreciative. Once again, Mike prepared some cool textures for us to work into.

All in all, this was a real honor for us. We have reached a point where we always seem to have some commercial project underway; and this event gave us an opportunity to serve others with our work for a change.


Our only complaint was the presence of cameras and microphones, wielded by people who directed us throughout the process of painting. Please, please, please alert talent up front if they will be on camera. It’s just the courteous thing to do. And yes, there is always a chance we will refuse if we don’t approve of the media outlet you work for. Luckily for us, the video was being done for Sky Blue Window, whom we think is thee art blog in Indianapolis.


Sam is an old school NYC writer who was there for the glory days of train bombing. He ended up in Indianapolis several years ago and came into contact with FAB Crew while studying at Herron School of Art and Design.  Earning his stripes as a member of UW, Sam has seen the remarkable transition of graffiti from a rite of passage among his childhood friends into a global movement and now and industry.

Sam’s work is featured in issue 20 of Humanize, an online and printed magazine that showcases art and culture in Spanish and English simultaneously. His work captures not only the ‘look and feel’ of graffiti, but really reflects the textures of the city itself. This series of paintings seems as if they were peeled off of city walls, then color corrected for maximum impact. Expect to see more of Sam in the FAB Crew universe in the future.

If you’re in Austin within the next week or so, you should check out the Haus of Hipstamatic. They’ve taken over a house just off the city’s legendary 5th street and converted it to something of a low-brow VIP lounge complete with a full schedule of live bands. Klipsch partnered up to provide their signature high end audio gear for the sound systems inside and out.

The creative folks at Klipsch were looking to go a step further and give the speaker cabinets themselves some creative flair. Headquartered in Indianapolis, a few mutual contacts pointed them to FAB Crew. We were glad to accommodate. These cabs were a blast to paint and the whole project went smooth as silk. We’re hyped to have our work associated with the Klipsch brand and ecstatic to have our work in the mix at SXSW.


Cory Robinson is a friend of ours for several years now. An Indiana artist whose furniture and woodwork are beautifully crafted and well designed. It seems like everyone is trying to mix the old with the new, the classical with the avant-garde; but Cory’s work really manages to capture those qualities with the combination of clean lines and (naturally) distressed wood. Good dude, great artist.

His duo show with Matt Hutton opens tonight, First Friday, and runs through March. The spot is Gallery 924, the flagship of the Arts Council of Indianapolis; also friends of FAB Crew since we first worked with them in 2011.

We will be in the house tonight shaking hands, kissing babies and showing support for some of our local treasure. Get your preview on:

Remote is a OG Boston writer from the 80’s. Today he’s based in Miami and he’s got his hands in everything from public art to merchandising. We met him when he showed up in Indianapolis to complete a couple of walls for the 46 for XLVI mural project. We showed them some local spots and got a few pieces in; he’s a solid dude. 

He just got some shine on 12oz. as the latest installment in the ongoing Handselecta series.  Here he rocks a Hello Sticker dry erase board from Graff Toyz… Check them out.


These digital magazines by Bombing Science take us back to our early days when graffiti magazines made local legends into international stars. Now, they’re just a nice free gift for graff senior citizens. It’s also cool to see that the I-Dub, along with other SubSurface homies like Devious and Hiena, are getting a little shine.



Get ready, Muncie. This here truck carries flavors so good that rice begs to be on bottom. 



Just learned about this film today. If you were a fan of ‘Pee Wee’s Playhouse’ or surreal music videos like Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’ then you already know and love this man’s work. Whether you have heard of him or not his work is incredibly interesting, imaginative and funny as hell. Do yourself a favor and watch the trailer. Then do Wayne White a favor and buy the film like we did.


We learned recently that your friends here at FAB Crew are 2 of the 3 Indianapolis finalists in the Red Bull Rubber + Sole design contest. The Regional Final is Friday night at Red Bull House of Art in Detroit where our designs will be viewed and judged against the top 3 from Detroit, the top 3 from Cincinnati and of course, another design from Indy. We submitted designs for a previous Rubber Sole contest but sadly, were not among the finalists so this is a welcome piece of luck.

While we’re in town we’ll be touching base with Detroit native and our SubSurface homie, Tead. He needs no intro. Below is a nicely shot and edited video of the artist in action earlier this year on a slick commission piece.

TEAD for Curbed Detroit from Street Culture Mash on Vimeo.